Art Clay Silver level 2 training | Fabulous Silver

Certified training Level 2

Level 2 is only accessible to participants who are in possession of an Art Clay Silver certificate Level 1. This three-day training deepens and expands the techniques from Level 1 training. This is done by manufacturing 4 workpieces. Furthermore, this course pays attention to the didactic, organizational and commercial aspects of organizing, selling and giving workshops and courses. You will be provided with practical information that can help you set up or expand a successful studio.

The Level 2 training lasts 3 days. Lunch, coffee and tea are well provided on the course days.

Recommended price for training Level 2 EUR 995.00 incl. VAT EUR 822.31 excl. VAT The required material for the jewelry is included, as is the instruction syllabus for the workpieces and an extensive manual for the organizational and commercial aspects. The necessary tools are available.

995.00 €