Art Clay Silver

Art Clay Silver (ACS) is a brand of metal clay. It consists of very fine recycled silver particles. These are mixed with an organic binder and water. In this way, silver feels like clay and can be processed that way. After sculpting, let it dry until you are sure that all the water has evaporated. Then bake it at a minimum of 750 C. 

I have a special kiln for this, but this can also be achieved with a torch. During the firing, the binding agent burns completely, causing the jewelry to shrink. The silver particles melt together, this is called sintering. What remains is a piece of jewelry or object of pure silver. This gets the 999 quality mark. Because it consists of pure silver, the chance of allergic reactions to this jewelry is considerably smaller. 

There is also a Sterling Silver 950. This requires a slightly different and longer firing process, making it less attractive for courses and workshops. However, the advantage is that this type is stronger after firing due to the addition of copper.

There are several products from ACS. In addition to the clay, there is also a Syringe and a Paste, more water has been added to this. Art Clay Paper can be processed like paper. Silver is not the only metal clay. There is Art Clay Gold, Copper and Bronze. There are many other brands and the developments keep coming. These Basemetals are cheaper to buy, but more difficult to successfully bake. A kiln is essential for basemetals, some types claim to be able to torchfire but it is very difficult. 

The possibilities are endless, but it is very important to choose the right material for what you want to make. A well-trained instructor can help you with this. AMCAW provides curated information for everyone.

afbakken op 750 C
afbakken op 750 C