Art Clay Silver is a great material with endless possibilities. It is very forgiving, many "mistakes" are easy to fix with a minimum of tools. It is very accessible, without much experience or tools you can make a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry yourself in a short time. 

However, it is a specific material. It is important to learn to work with it under the guidance of an experienced instructor. The training to become an Art Clay Silver instructor is an investment that gives you sufficient knowledge and experience. There are currently two people in the Netherlands who are allowed to teach the  certified instructor course. 

Continuing to learn and develop is important and that is why Metalclay Artists like to come together to learn from each other. AMCAW is an organisation to unite Artists worldwide. Annemarie regularly donates a tutorial, or gives a presentation online. In May 2024 Annemarie will give live presentations at SINTER24 in the UK.  

Annemarie is a Metal Clay Artist with a passion for teaching. She mainly gets her inspiration from nature, delicate jewelry with an eye for detail. Many small flowers, insects and curls. Everything is hand-sculpted and carefully composed into a romantic picture. Annemarie closely follows developments in Metal Clay. When a new material comes on the market, it is enthusiastically tested for the new possibilities. She regularly attends conferences and attends workshops at other masters to learn new techniques. Teaching is a passion and knowledge must be shared. That's why she became a volunteer with AMCAW when it was founded in 2019. The abbreviation AMCAW stands for Alliance Metal Clay Artists Worldwide. This non-profit organization aims to increase knowledge about Metal Clay and to connect its users. As a volunteer she has already written several articles for the learning center on the website and a number of tutorials for members. She is currently one of the administrators of AMCAW's fun page on Facebook.